Tteddo Designs offers you and your business the resources to put your best foot forward on the Internet. Your Web site is the face of your business that you are presenting to the entire world, not just your local area.

As more and more people gain access to the Internet, your Web site becomes a valuable visual resource for your customers, and potential customers, to learn about your services and/or buy your products. If you have a catalog or price list it can be included on your web site. Ordering can be done over the web. Pictures of the product can be shown. The possibilities are limitless.

Tteddo Designs has experience in several Internet languages like HTML, Cold Fusion, and PHP. We can take you from domain procurement all they way to a fully functional database driven web site with complete customization to the exact site that you need. From shopping carts to content management, we do it all!

Please use the links to our demos above to test drive a web site. Explore the possibilities of a web site controlled entirely by you with ease and simplicity, and without knowledge of HTML.