Netscape E-Mail Setup

Netscape Messenger v4.0x:
1. Open Netscape Mail.
2. Click Edit on the menu bar.
3. Click Preferences in the Edit menu.
4. Click Identity under the Mail & Newsgroups section of the Preferences window and complete the following fields.
a. Your Name - The name from which any e-mail sent using this profile will display.
b. E-mail Address - Your e-mail address.
5. Click Mail Servers under the Mail & Newsgroups section of the Preferences box
a. Delete whatever is there under Incoming mail servers.
b. Click Add under Incoming Mail Servers.
6. Complete the following fields in the Mail Server Properties Box:
a. Server Name - The mail server from which e-mail is to be retrieved. Use
b. Server Type - Use the POP3 protocol. Do not change the server type to anything besides POP3.
c. User Name - Put in
d. Check off "Remember Password"
7.. Click OK to return to the Preferences window.
8.. Complete the following fields under Outgoing Mail Server.
a. Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server - Use your ISP's outgoing mail server (you really should), or if you don't know that:
1. Use
2. Outgoing Mail Server User Name -
c. Click OK to close the Preferences window.

Netscape Communicator v.4.5x
1. From the Edit menu, select Preferences.
2. Open the Mail & Newsgroups section and click Mail Servers.
a. Outgoing Mail Server: Your ISP's SMTP server, barring that ""
b. Click Add to add a new POP Server
3. Configure Pop Server
a. Server Name: ""
b. Server Type: select POP3 Server.
c.User Name:
4. Click Identity in left column.
a. Your Name: your name
b. E-mail Address: the e-mail address for the POP mailbox
c. Reply-to Address: your e-mail address

All other settings are optional. Choosing Messenger Mailbox from the Communicator menu will open the part of Netscape that allows you to read and send mail. Unfortunately, Netscape Messenger does not natively support retrieval of multiple e-mail accounts for POP3 mail servers. To retrieve mail from multiple accounts, you will need to setup additional user profiles using the User Profile Manager supplied with Netscape. See your Netscape documentation for more information.