Outlook Express

Outlook Express E-Mail Setup

Outlook 5.X
Open Outlook Express
Click Tools on the menu bar
Click Accounts in the Tools menu
Click Add
Click Mail in the Internet Accounts box
Complete the following fields in the Internet Connection Wizard window
Display Name - The name that will display on an e-mail sent using this profile.
E-mail Address - The e-mail address that will display on an e-mail sent using this profile
Incoming Mail Server - The mail server from which e-mail for this profile is to be retrieved. ( mail.yourdomain.com)
Outgoing Mail Server - The mail server through which e-mail sent using this profile will go. You may use your ISP's outgoing mail server.
Account Name ( full email address )
Password - The password for the above account.
Select my server requires authentication ( use this option if the out going mail server is set to mail. yourdomain.com )
Click FINISHED on the Internet Accounts box when you have completed the Internet Connection Wizard.

Outlook 5.X for Macintosh
Open Outlook
Go to Tools>>Accounts
Click New
Put in your name
Click the right arrow
Check "I already have an e-mail address I'd like to use"
Put in username@yourdomain.com
Click the right arrow
In Incoming Mail Server
Put mail.yourdomain.com
In Outgoing Mail Server
Put your ISP's SMTP server, barring that put mail.yourdomain.com
Click the right arrow
In Account ID
Put username@yourdomain.com, check Save Password
Click the right arrow
For Account name
Put in whatever you want
Click Finish.
Now if you are using mail.yourdomain.com as SMTP server:
Click on your new account once, then select Edit on top.
At the bottom of the resulting screen, click "Click here for advanced sending options"
On the next screen
Check "SMTP Server requires Authentication"
Make sure "Use the Same settings as my incoming mail server" is checked
Close that window, then click OK.